Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessement


Sholla Technology evaluates the security of networks and systems accessible on client networks using publicly available tools in addition to proprietary scanning and reconnaissance techniques. Our team is constantly researching and developing proprietary technologies such as host OS identification, data interception techniques that are unique, remote language detection, and service identification.

To verify that firewall configurations are suitable, we do thorough network scans on external networks. Unpatched system identification is aided by service fingerprinting. Inadequate authentication and/or encryption are also examined in systems.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

We carry out a vulnerability assessment as the first step in guaranteeing the security of your company. A group of seasoned experts with experience in handling this kind of issue is called Sholla. Through vulnerability assessments, our engineers identify whether an IT infrastructure has a vulnerability. Additionally, we use Penetration Testing to aggressively and non-intrusively examine your IT infrastructure design for known as well as unknown vulnerabilities—just like a skilled hacker would. The penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services provided by Sholla are very customer-focused. Customers can select from a variety of services that are tailored to meet their individual needs, as listed below.
Service Benefits
At Sholla, we adhere to the philosophy of "Think like the hacker to catch the hacker," which helps us stay one step ahead of the ever-present threats. As part of penetration testing,
Sholla professionals will assess the overall security of your IT infrastructure by attempting to exploit weaknesses in a secure manner. Operating systems, services, applications, incorrect setups, and unsafe end-user behavior can all contain these vulnerabilities. These evaluations are helpful in confirming end-user compliance with security guidelines and the effectiveness of defensive mechanisms.

Wireless Network Security​

Assumptions of many security professionals prove to be wrong when discussing wireless encryption. Resilient wireless encryption is alone not sufficient for building strong security for wireless LAN (WLAN) traffic. WPA2 encryption might stand on better authentication and encryption preferences, but WLANs can still have vulnerabilities which can cause serious problems in the network environment – these include:
1. Rogue access points (APs)
2. Denial-of-service attacks
3. Attacks against WLAN infrastructure
Enterprise WLAN Solutions provide the following benefits:
1. Business continuity: Delivers the right business tools to employees on roaming.
2. Advanced connectivity options: Offers wired, wireless, secure enterprise mesh, remote AP, indoors, and outdoors options
3. Identity-based security: We can enforce a unified security policy for all connected users
4. Application-awareness: This enables us to provide optimized service delivery
5. Reliability: Enables us to confidently use wireless as the primary network connection across the enterprise

Network Appliance Configuration Review​

Every firm depends on its network appliances to run well, and when they are compromised, the consequences can be severe and easily measured in terms of lost productivity and income. In order to ensure that configuration flaws in network components are found and fixed, hence lowering the likelihood of a security incident, Sholla offers thorough and exhaustive network device audits. How can your company benefit from an Sholla network device audit?
1. Companies can accomplish operational goals and increase connectivity to the ideal degree without compromising security.
2. Full assistance in adhering to legal requirements and government regulations
3. Lessen the chance of a network device being compromised and the ensuing loss of income and output.

Network Architecture Review​

The sophistication of threats and the growing business environment are making today's network infrastructure more complex by the day. As essential business applications and communication systems have developed, so too have the standards for network performance and accessibility. Our knowledgeable consultants examine the network architecture of the company to establish high-level security guidelines for every network tier and identify any vulnerabilities that need to be closed. We support the creation of a reliable and secure architecture. In order to determine how the network architecture and controls safeguard the important assets, sensitive data stores, and business-critical interconnections in conflict with the organization's business and security objectives, Sholla's Network Architecture Review conducts a 360-degree evaluation and analysis of the current architecture, design, security policies, and practices.

Telecom Network Security​

Benchmarking presents information security challenges, for the telecom and VOIP sector is a constant struggle. Major errors in signaling protocols—SS7, Diameter, and GTP—and configuration errors in network equipment cause severe security threats for mobile ecosystems. Sholla Telecom Security is the complete protection of core telecom networks and systems, along with associated supporting IT platforms.

Server Hardening​

Standardization and building strong server policies to keep them safe from any vulnerabilities is very important for an organization. Every business should have their Windows servers, Linux servers, SQL and Oracle database servers and firewall standards well maintained. However, to finalize an appropriate server hardening policy for a particular business environment there is detailed research required and the checklists are to be prepared for a better understanding of how this should be applied to your operating systems and applications.
Sholla suggests different governance, regulatory and compliance standards such as NIST SP 800-53, NIST 800-171, CIS, SOX, NERC CIP, ISO27001, PCI DSS, DISA STIG and HIPAA all call for strong cyber security defenses, with a hardened build standard at the core. This is maintained using file integrity monitoring to highlight any significant changes or ‘drift’.
In any business, every server that is initially deployed will indeed lack the basic security defenses. This allows it to be vulnerable to threats or compromise the data. In order to mitigate potential threats, it is mandatory that servers are hardened.

Active Directory & VPN Review​

It is difficult and crucial to have confidence in the tools that can meet your organization's needs given the constantly shifting nature of the IT landscape. For over a decade, Microsoft Active Directory has been widely recognized as the most reliable directory services platform across numerous IT organizations. For the modern IT administrator.
Sholla offers an Active Directory review that gives reassurance that the Directory controls are operational, compliant with best practices, and in place. It also gives a measure of assurance that external systems that depend on the Directory are secure to the extent that they should be.
In addition, we offer management an unbiased evaluation of the VPN's deployment as well as continuous monitoring and upkeep of the efficiency of the auxiliary technology.