Detect & Response

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The longer it takes you to detect and respond to threats, the higher the risk and costs to remediate. Gain visibility across your organization, from endpoint to network, into the cloud, and widen your view of the threat landscape. By pinpointing malicious activity in a sea of alerts, we help your security team focus on what is important to your business. Our experts identify the full scope of a threat and how to eradicate the breach, not just the initial symptoms.

With our expert resources and sophisticated tools on your side, you’ll have the perspective you need to decide what needs your attention first and which action is the right one to take.



FTK (Forensic Toolkit) is a digital investigations platform that is put together with empowering factors like speed, analytics and enterprise-class scalability. Recognized for its intuitive interface, email analysis, customizable data views and stability, FTK sets the framework for seamless expansion. This strengthens the computer forensics solution to grow with the organization’s prerequisites. In addition to this, Sholla’s FTK proposes new expansion modules delivering the industry-first malware analysis capability and state-of-the-art visualization. These modules integrate with FTK to create the most comprehensive computer forensics platform in today’s competitive environment. It also helps in quickly determining relationships in the data, finding key pieces of information, and generating reports that are easily consumed by attorneys, CIOs or other investigators.

Security Analytics

The information era is constructing a lot of complications and cyber security is a critical concern. Every day there are new threats that are slipping through vulnerabilities undetected. Security professionals face difficulties in monitoring every single activity that takes place in different assets in the organization, this results in missing the real threats. Sholla’s intelligent and comprehensive approach to security analytics helps your security team improve detection accuracy and efficiency so they can make smarter decisions faster. Real-time security analytics can help you detect user-based threats in a much more effective way. Security analytics is essential for monitoring, alerting, and operational efficiency. Our technical experts say security analytics help organizations implement real-time monitoring of servers, endpoints and network traffic, consolidate and coordinate various event data from application and network logs, and accomplish forensic analysis to better understand attack methods and system vulnerabilities.

Incident Response

Smooth business operations are a top priority. The sudden distracting and unknown threats can be dangerous to the business causing a lot of loss and complications to the operations. Incident response terminology defines a practice by which an organization handles a data breach or cyber-attack, including the approach or strategy the organization attempts to manage the consequences of the attack or the incident.
Sholla’s enterprise responsive solutions help you quickly investigate and thoroughly remediate attacks, which helps in streamlining operations as soon as possible. Our consultants associate their expertise with industry-leading threat intelligence, network & endpoint technologies to benefit you with a wide range of activities from technical response to crisis management. Analyzing the network thoroughly and taking an action on the malicious activity swiftly are the key objectives of incident response.

Threat Intelligence

In the persistent fight against malware and other malicious attacks, threat intelligence and rapid response capabilities are vital. Sholla’s complete threat protection helps maintain safe business operations with comprehensive intelligence to proactively stop threats and manage security services that monitor the network thoroughly and quickly respond to resolve attacks.
“Threat Intelligence is mainly based on evidence which include context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and lawful advice about an existing or developing hazard to information assets,” says Gartner. Sholla agrees with the fact that in IT Security, threat intelligence is much more than a firewall or antivirus system protecting your network. It takes all the data points and network data into consideration to provide real-time monitoring, notifications, and threat profiles. There is a higher level of protection dedicated to networks with multiple points of entry.

Security Information & Event Management

A targeted and crucial cyber-attack can be dangerous to the organization’s health. The intelligent, faster and precision-oriented security information system acts as an army professional to safeguard business operations. A SIEM solution functions as your team’s Central Nervous System to alert and enact countermeasures when a threat is looming. Real-Time Analytics of event data to Detect and Respond to Cyber threats is the chief functionality of SIEM.
Sholla suggests enterprises in better streamline security operations to get the utmost benefits from the bigger investment. We help in attaining effective, actionable intelligence from your SIEM. Our technical experts recommend the following core capabilities to be analysed while making a decision on the SIEM solution:
1.Real-time monitoring
2.Threat intelligence
3. Behaviour profiling
4. User monitoring
5. Application monitoring
6. Advanced analytics
7. Log management and reporting
8.Simplicity of deployment and support

File Integrity Monitoring

Changes are prolific in organizations’ dynamic IT environment. Some of the modifications in IT hardware, applications and configuration settings are a requirement on an everyday basis. Many of the amendments are authorized as they occur during a patch cycle but some cause concern by their unexpected nature. File integrity monitoring (FIM) is also known as change monitoring which is a foundational control that involves inspecting files to see if and when they change, how they change, who changed them, and what steps can be taken to restore those files if those modifications are unauthorized.
Sholla’s File Integrity Monitoring solution emphasizes adding a business atmosphere to data for all changes that occur in an organization’s environment. As such, it provides IT and security teams with real-time intelligence that they can use to identify incidents that are of real concern. It also helps personnel learn the who, what, when, and how of a change, data which they can use to validate planned modifications.

SOC Automation

With a large amount of traffic going across networks, organizations will never be able to hire enough people to handle all of the alerts. One method is to tune the devices to reduce the number of alerts, but that will also reduce the number of attacks detected. The alternative solution is to automate. Many of the tasks performed by SOC analysts are very repetitive and can be automated with computers.
Below are a few benefits of SOC automation:
1. More consistent response to alerts and tickets
2.Higher volume of ticket closure and response to incidents
3. Better focus by analysts on higher priority items
4. Improved visibility into what is happening
5. Coverage of a larger area and a larger number of tickets