Network Protection


An organization’s approach to ensuring the security of its resources, including all network traffic, is known as network security. Both hardware and software technologies are included. Effective network security controls access to the network by focusing on a variety of threats and stopping them before they can spread or access the network. Authorized users are able to access networks, while malicious actors are prevented from using threats and exploits.
Digitalization is currently changing our world and altering nearly every aspect of our daily lives. If businesses want to provide the services that both consumers and employees expect, they must protect their networks. In the end, this safeguards your company’s reputation.

Web Application Firewall

Today’s global enterprises depend completely on web applications for business operations. The web application platform is responsible for the complete engagement of the employees. An organization connects with the world using this platform and hence it is a significant vector for advanced threats.
Sholla’s enhanced, multi-layered WAF firewalls protect your web apps from the OWASP Top 10 and more. When combined with our Web Application Security Service our customers are protected from the most sophisticated and complex threats like the latest application vulnerabilities, bots, and suspicious URLs. With dual machine learning detection engines and advanced inspection capabilities, the applications are safe from sophisticated threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, cookie poisoning, malicious sources, and DoS attacks. The WAF solutions from RNS help in boosting the overall app performance with built-in application delivery features including SSL offloading, load balancing, and content caching.
A few advantages of pioneering Web Application firewalls include-
1. Advanced visual analytics
2. False positive mitigation tools
3. Hardware-based acceleration
4. Proven web application protection
5. Protection against zero-day attacks
6. Security fabric integration
7. Complete OWASP protection
8. Server cloaking & URL encryption
9. Malware protection with multi-protocol support
10. Data protection and compliance
11. Identity and access control
12. Reporting administration and central management

Network Advanced Persistent Threats

The primary causes of Advanced Persistent Threats are the next generation of hackers and clever cybercriminals who are searching for intellectual property and personal financial information on individuals. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) of today can seriously harm your company and evade skilled technical security measures.
In order to provide security professionals with extensive industry and threat group knowledge, Sholla's approach to APTs is the adaptive defense, which is the newest strategy to interrupt and capture potential APTs at any point in your network. We further analyze them using the most recent information available on threat actors and methodology. It is critical to identify and take action against APTs as soon as possible.

Next Generation Firewall

Comprehensive threat protection is a big challenge in the enterprise today. Enterprise security includes intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-malware, application control, and many more in the operations. Security experts of these organizations are facing a major complex hurdle in managing these point products with no integration and lack of visibility. The NGFW from Sholla utilizes custom-made security processors and threat intelligence security services to deliver top-rated protection and high performance including encrypted traffic. Next-Generation Firewalls reduce complexities by simplifying the processes and help in organizational growth with automated visibility into applications, users and networks, and provide security ratings to adopt security best practices. The features of NGFW with high threat protection performance include
1. High-performance threat protection and SSL inspection to protect from malware attacks hiding in encrypted traffic
2. Complete validation of security effectiveness through independently certified and continuous threat intelligence updates which deliver robust protection from different known and unknown attacks.
3. Protection of mission-critical applications by ultra-low latency and highly accessible segmentation.
4. Trusted risk assessment through automation of workflow and auditing to maintain the Intelligently share threats across the entire digital attack surface to provide quick and automated protection compliance.
5. Logical sharing of threats across the complete digital attack surface to provide quick and automated protection.
6. Delivering enterprise-level security policies to manage the digital assets in every location.

Web & Email Gateway

With the evolution of technology in the public cloud, the increase in no. of remote workers and BYOD policies have modernized the current era, it is quite challenging to analyze how and where the data is stored and accessed. Hence, you need a mechanism which provides real-time threat protection to identify advanced malware, phishing, and Business Email Compromise attacks (BEC) and prevent total access to sensitive email attachments on vulnerable unmanaged devices (BYOD) while permitting full access to secure managed devices. Sholla’s advised Web & Email Gateway solutions help in protecting the network from the most advanced threats while saving valuable time and resources. Both the web and email security solutions are built on a common architecture, allowing for hassle-free maintenance and software updates to ensure the highest level of protection.
We solve the major concerns of today’s enterprise industries.
1. Get the best security of advanced threats with real-time ratings to both web and email traffic that rapidly identify and classify information.
2. Put an end to the intelligent and dynamic, non-signature threats to access your data while protecting users everywhere, even on third-party networks.
3. Avoid email-based malicious threats like ransomware, from reaching your network and acting upon it.
4. Phishing education adds value by giving reminders to the users, wherever they are, not to click on suspicious links.

Network Access Control

Every organization in today’s technology-centric world is facing the challenge of monitoring a different range of devices accessing the network. With the increase in BYOD policies, IoT implementations and hybrid IT environments, security professionals in companies are under the highest pressure to secure and manage corporate devices and employee-owned devices.
Sholla defines Network Access Control as a protective approach to bring together endpoint security and vulnerability assessment in network security enforcement. We enable organizations to gain complete situational awareness of all devices in their interconnected environment and orchestrate actions to mitigate both their cyber and operational risk. The NAC solutions from Sholla help in real-time visibility of authorized and unauthorized devices provided by giving the required permissions to the right sources.